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The beauty salon as we know it today began developing as early as the ancient Egyptian times, as individuals prided themselves and their hair. They saw their hair style style as a status of power and would wear wigs, so as to stand out. However, at this time wigs were far more common than hair cuts and beauty treatments, so individuals would visit the beauty salons of the time, in order to purchase a new wig.

The Greeks were also focused on looking good and feeling great and carried out the practice of trimming their beards via places that were similar to modern barbershops. These barbershops developed in Sicily in around the year of 300 BC and were then brought back to Rome where they were developed and used by the local people.

These barbershops and beauty salons continued to develop throughout the centuries but started to become dismissed as a place of negativity towards the end of the 19th century. Wigs came back into fashion throughout the Middle Ages but the barbershop and the beauty salon began to gain its presence again within modern culture at the beginning of the 20th century when the wigs of the time began to lose their appeal. At this time the beauty salons began to develop considerably and new technology was implemented, such as shampoo bowls and the ability of having indoor plumbing within the salon space.

Modern Beauty SalonThroughout the forties and fifties the beauty salon started to become a more interesting place thanks to the development of new hairsprays and new technology that made it more desirable as a social place. Women would also use the salon as a meeting point for their friends and would use the space as a away in which to escape the mundane way of life that they may be living.

Beauty Salons of Today

Within the last hundred years the beauty salon has developed and has become more and more popular. The 1970s was considered the golden age of the beauty salon where the idea of ‘anything goes’ began to run as the main theme. Hairstylists became more and more creative and started developing styles that have never been seen before. This would lead to major cultural movements such as the Punk style and the modern street style. Even inventions like the internet allows people to search a list of local hair salons without any issues. The power of fashion and styling became apparent and more and more individuals starting to embrace the beauty salon. Now it is an important part of many peoples lives.

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